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I agree that this is an American Wigeon -- the gray head contrasting strongly with the reddish chest, the thin black inner edge to the bill, and the gray innermost secondary (just peeking out from under the tertials) rule out Eurasian Wigeon.  However, be careful of blithely assuming that ducks that don't look like males are females at this time of year.  Young of the year look like females in most species, whether male or female, and adult males can still be largely in alternate plumage in September.  See https://cobirds.org/CFO/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/13.pdf.  While I see no obvious male features in the bird, there does seem to be at least a green cast to some of that dark plumage around the eye.  If the the bird opens its wings and you can see the top side, then that would/could ice the question of sex.

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