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Warblers at Dusk and Take a Stab at Some Shorebirds?

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Bad light. Very bad light. And bad distance. I know they may not be IDable, but I thought it was worth a shot. Getting some good migrants now, so I'm reluctant to make a call on unfamiliar birds. A couple of weeks ago I spotted a rare to Wyoming Buff-breasted Sandpiper, so I'm a little snap happy right now hoping for other surprises. Help is appreciated!

First one was in an almost dried up very small pond area in Sheridan, WY. The pond supports a few Red-winged Blackbirds, House Wren, ducks over the summer. Cattails and willows are good spots for migrants in the fall, but hard to get in the fall light. I see darker grey on lighter gray, and maybe an eye ring, and it was making a deep CHCK call, like a Common Yellowthroat. There is almost a touch of blue at the end of the wings, but I think that's just the light maybe.




Second is also from Sheridan, also tonight, flitting around the trees at the edge of the golf course and middle of the fairway. Also making a loud CHCK warbler call note. With the streaking underneath,  the facial coloring and eye ring, I was considering Black and White Warbler, but it wasn't moving along the trunk as I would expect it to. I've tried to lighten the photo and so on, but without much luck.




Finally, taken last weekend at a pond near Buffalo WY, the usual gang of hard to see miscreants.


I'm thinking left to right, Wilson's Phalarope, Long Billed Dowitcher, Wilson's Phalarope, Greater Yellowlegs. A couple more closer shots below, but this is sort of the clearest.




This one seems to have a rather downward curving bill




Or could the Phalaropes be Stilt Sandpiper perhaps?




Closer shot




And just for fun, the Buff-breasted Sandpiper, first eBird reported, fourth in the state with game and fish! Really exciting! Not all of my photos are completely lousy either, I promise!




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I'm passing on the "warblers," as I consider both birds to be unidentifiable.

First shorebird pic: Uncertain, Lesser Yellowlegs (LEYE), LEYE, LEYE, LEYE, Wilson's Phalarope (WIPH), LEYE, LEYE

Second shorebird pic: LEYE, LEYE, Stilt Sandpiper (STSA), STSA (note leaning-forward posture when head under water)

Third shorebird pic: Front bird - LEYE, back left bird - STSA?, back right bird - WIPH

Fourth shorebird pic: Greater Yellowlegs (GRYE)?, GRYE, GRYE, uncertain, possibly GRYE

Fifth shorebird pic: juv Buff-breasted Sandpiper, as you know

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