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ducks? geese? Flocks in Arkansas fields

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Made a road trip to Texas between Christmas and New Years.  The pics are terrible, taken from a moving car--the husband was driving.  There were hundreds in the fields off I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis.  Thought maybe someone from around there could enlighten me on what they were.  thanks693826042_arkansasbirds3.JPG.729c7ce6c686b9a03571bb927a991810.JPG1363506004_arkansasbirds2.JPG.0bf95ec4684cc124f4bee030fa036acd.JPG903923027_arkansasbirds.JPG.e36049432b8dab9f297533cd3e3deea8.JPG

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They look like Snow Geese to me.  White bodies, black wingtips; you can make out pink bills on a couple of the well-lit ones.


eBird shows several reports of large flocks in east AR this winter.



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The bird in the center top, just to the right of the blue morph SNGO looks like a possible ROGO based on size. But since these photos are poor, that could simply be a photographic illusion/artifact. Without better documentation, I would leave them all as SNGO or even more conservatively as Snow/Ross's.

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11 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

There’s lots of Blue Morph in there. Blue Morph Ross’s are very rare, so it’s pretty safe to assume that they are all Snow

But the very distant ones might have a few Ross’s in there, there is just no way to tell of the far ones, right?

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