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South TX: 2 Winter Hummingbirds

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All photos taken at my home in Corpus Christi, TX on Jan 21 or Jan 22.

Thank you.

Hummingbird #1 (Black-chinned?)




Hummingbird # 2

This hummingbird is noticeably larger than #1, even without a side by side comparison. I would estimate that it is 10-15% larger.

I apologize for the poor photos. I spent hours staking-out the feeder from the outside, but so far have only been able to get photos through a window & screen.

I have boosted the color on these photos, let me know if you want the untouched photos.





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Thanks for the replies ?

I was thinking, could Hummingbird #2 be an Anna's?

I have seen them described as "chunky", which would explain the obvious size difference with the Black-chinned.

And what about the "spots" on the front?

Unfortunately, I have not seen the bird in question for 2 days, so I have only the 2 photos previously posted and the one below...

Thanks again, everyone!


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1 hour ago, Hasan said:

The photos leave a lot to be desired and I wouldn't call it solely on these, but I see no reason the second bird isn't a Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Agreed. I initially thought it was a selasphorus, but I now see how it could easily be a RTHU. 

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