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Mad dash of birds the past 4 days to push me up to 200 for the year.  Earliest I've hit that milestone for the county.  Not bad considering I missed 2 weeks in May of not being able to bird beyond the yard.  

194 - Black-throated Blue Warbler

196 - Common Gallinule (r)

196 - Semipalmated Sandpiper

197 - Bay-breasted Warbler - Was tracking a Tennessee, it flew off and I thought this was the same bird, but looking back at pics it was actually in the background when the TEWA flew off.

198 - Philadelphia Vireo

199 - Olive-sided Flycatcher

200 - Canada Warbler

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Stilt Sandpiper yesterday was my 207th County bird for the year.  That is a new high for me.  Was also the 219th bird reported in the County. I thought that was a new high, but 2018 we had 219 also as a Great Black-backed Gull was just added to eBird this year,  for 2018.  

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