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Most annoying things when birding.


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Airplanes!!!! 1-3 jets from the army come fly around for about an hour, several days a week sometimes. In one way it is nice because I get a free show(Rolls sharp dives, etc.), but they are so loud I can here myself yell at the top of my lungs. So of course birding is done.

Cars. For some reason people think they need to drive down my gravel road (Which I bird regularly) at 60MHP, that they have no reason to be on, you have to go out of your way to get on it. And there is a perfectly nice hwy that runs quite close by.



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Day one of a fourteen day safari having to share the Land Rover while birding Botswana with a family that included a teenaged girl dressed in a mini skirt and high heals. Her mother who constantly complained about how worthless her camera was (it wasn't, it was her) and just would NEVER shut up.  Two boys that had to fight with fists, shaking the vehicle making photos very hard to take.  Dad who held his head between his hands and apologized for his family over and over.  We called them the bickerings because that is all they did. End of the day we told the guide never to hook us up with them again and made the rest of our other tours only for us and no one else along with.

Last day for birding and we had a different guide. He told us a vehicle had broken down and would we please share the Land Rover with a small group that would otherwise be left out.  We had never seen the bickerings again while birding and just figured they had moved on so we said OK.  Then here they come, out of the early morning darkness...THE BICKERINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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17 hours ago, BigOly said:

a teenaged girl dressed in a mini skirt and high heals.

In our early 60s and my Darling Bride and I are still surprised by some of the places women will wear high heels.

A NASCAR race track or other sporting venue?  Yeah, those will get stuck between the aluminum or wood bleachers, assuming you get through the unpaved parking lots.

An airport?  You really want to wear those when walking around on concrete all day, often in a hurry between gates?  There;s already no legroom on the plan; do you like sitting with your ankles at an even more awkward angle than is already necessary?

Walmart?  WALMART???  Seriously, lady, who are you trying to impress?

And of course, birding or other activity where you'll be on open ground for hours.  I hope there's an ice pack in the car for that twisted ankle.

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I agree with some of the above. I really only have one to add THE VOID, THE BLACK HOLE, THE VORTEX whatever you want to call it. It is that space that sucks the bird, you have your eyes on, into another dimension. You know what I mean you have your eyes on the bird as it flies but with nothing around it just disappears. Or the bird that flies behind a tree or other object but is well beyond it but the never comes out the other side having been suck into that vortex and you didn't get a good look before it went behind tree.

Vegetation is annoying also. I'm still getting use to how much more vegetation there is here in Florida compared to Colorado.

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Arriving on scene & hearing "Oh you just missed it by 5 minutes".

Leaving after 3 hours of waiting & then hearing it showed up 5 minutes after you left.

The Peregrine that flushes all the shorebirds while looking for a Curlew Sandpiper.

On the beach with a bunch of people watching a Snowy Owl & the off the leash dog comes through.

And worst one ever, receiving a text that there's a way off track Red-necked Phalarope in a pond 10

minutes from my house, rushing up there to see it only to find out a Bullfrog ate it!!!

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So this afternoon I was in a boat on a lake and Common Loons were calling.  I wanted to get a recording, so I get my camera out and press record...and the loon stops calling and someone on the shore starts playing an accordion......not well either.....?  ?

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14 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

The Army doesn't have any jets, only helicopters.  The jets could be Air Force, Navy, or Marines (I don't think the Coast Guard has many).

Sorry, the Air Force.

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