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Kinglet or Vireo?

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3 hours ago, Hasan said:

Is this really identifiable? It's probably been a year since I've last seen a HUVI but I'm not really convinced we have enough to make an ID here.

I'm looking at it now and I'm thinking the same thing, probably best not to make IDs when I am tired.

Sorry for the previous wrong ID

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I personally like Vireo. The bill looks fine in the second photo, but it's hard to tell if that's caused by lighting. The round body and large head seem better for Hutton's Vireo. The black below the wing bar is a tricky field mark. Look at this photo for example: 


But, I also agree that a confident ID can't be made from these photos and I probably don't know what I'm talking about, so feel free to ignore this.

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3 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

That second photo appears to show a strong black bar below the white one.

More than the appearance, the behavior says RCKI to me.  @IKLland describes the bird as 'quick'. AAB describes Hutton's as 'forages slowly'.

And since I didn't make it clear, I'm only leaning RCKI.  I wouldn't mark it as one either.  Banding code UNID

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16 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I'm team Vireo here


16 hours ago, Birding Boy said:

That looks very vireolike to me. 


16 hours ago, Aidan B said:

Auto correct!!!!

I still think it's a Vireo 

Yeah, when I saw it I thought vireo, but wanted confirmation.

thanks for all the replies!

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23 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Hutton's Vireo aren't slow moving birds, the just aren't as jumpy as kinglets. It's not like they slowly walk around, they still move pretty quickly.

That's good to know. Every one of them I've seen has been skulking quietly in a bush hiding from sight.

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