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Best way to reduce file size?

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Photos taken with my old camera generated files between 4 and 7 megabytes.  At the 'Extra Fine' image quality setting, my new camera creates files that are usually over 10 meg.

As most of you know, eBird has a 10 meg limit on attached files.  Short of changing the image quality setting, what's the easiest way to get the file size under 10 meg?  And is there a method that will reduce multiple files in one operation?


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For eBird I usually copy my photos with the Snipping tool, name, and save to desktop. I haven't checked file size, but I think that would reduce it. There are also online jpg/png compressing tools, such as tinyjpg.com. I once built a website,  and for any page with images, the compression tool was a big help in reducing the time it takes for a page to load.

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When I want to reduce file size I simply use the Export feature of the software I'm using at the time. I can either choose to reduce the image size or reduce the quality to get smaller file sizes. Reducing the file size to 1600 pixels during export really shrinks the file size, in my case it takes my 15.5MB file and reduces it to 831KB. Changing the Quality setting to normal during export maintains the image size but reduces the same 15.5MB file to a 4.2MB file. Shrinking the image size gives you the smaller file size but you can lose the quality you might want/need if you have to zoom in on something to see the detail. Take this misty morning photo as an example, the 1600 pixel image should show fine for a scenic image but it would fail if the numbers on the sign were a bird. The larger image allows you to zoom in and see the detail on the sign, very helpful if you're capturing a small distant bird and not a sunset. Try zooming in on the sign in both pics and you'll see an example where size matters.

Resized to 1600 pixels during Export, 183KB

See next post for images.



5760 pixels, Quality reduced to normal during Export, 4.2MB

See next post for images.


I'd suggest that you set your camera's quality setting down from extra fine to fine, or possibly normal, and maintain your current image size. That should conserve sufficient image quality while allowing for zooming in when necessary and still reduce your file size low enough to meet the requirements you're aiming for. Alternatively, you might find it just as practical to lower your image size in the camera until you meet your desired file size. It's a personal preference that you may need to play around with to find the best compromise for your wants/needs.



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Looks like Image Resizer, one of Microsoft's PowerToy plug-ins for Windoews, will do the trick.  I specified height and width at 75% of the original dimensions and am getting file sizes in the 7 to 8 meg range.  It automatically renames the new file.  I can do them in bulk by selecting multiple files in File Explorer, right-clicking, and selecting 'Resize Image'.


EDIT: and the new files have the same tags I assigned to the originals!

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Sounds like you have solved the problem. I was going to suggest changing your camera setting from Extra Fine to Fine (whatever the next one down is) as the difference is usually hardly discernible for jpeg generation. You could do a test on a random subject using the different settings to compare and it might save you having to do the MS step.

Oops, just read the responses in more detail and @lonestranger already suggested this. I honestly don't think you will see a difference between the two settings.

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