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West Houston mystery call

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Today in my garden in Katy, TX (west Houston burbs) I recorded an interesting bird call but I did not see who the culprit was.  If any sharp-eared people here can identify this bird that would be most appreciated.  I did upload the clip to BirdNET where they suggest a Kildeer.  I have never had a kildeer in my garden and am most sceptical of this ID.  Sometimes it just take an experienced human ear!

10,000 thanks in advance,



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Just now, kjsmith said:

There are certainly mockingbirds and one makes occasional visits but they do not hang in the garden much, too much activity.  Mockingbirds are kinda snooty that way.  

That would be a better solution than Kildeer, but..  

I don’t know what would be more likely then. That you had a killdeer stop by, or the a mockingbird “learned” the call and tried it out. But who knows! Migration is funky.

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I wish to thank everyone who took the time to listen to the recording and especially to those who gave their input.  My original impression was that the bird is a Blue Jay, then I uploaded the darned clip to BirdNET and became confused.  100% confidence for Kildeer.  A Blue Jay was not even considered, go figure.  
I had set a small recorder, (Evistr V508 1536kbps), in a tree close to a hummingbird feeder to record those.  I was away when the loud bird arrived. 
A Kildeer seems unlikely as it would have had to fly into the garden close to my small recorder to get such a recording.  I also have trouble with a Mockingbird.  Although they are certainly in the garden on occasion, I have never heard one make only short phrases and they never repeat, mockingbirds have their reputation to maintain.  Besides, it is early Feb and they are still silent.
So, I am back to thinking this must be a Blue Jay.  This teaches me to be very careful with ID's from BirdNET.  

Cheers and thanks again to everyone.


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