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VT Passerines

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Got these pics this morning.  Fast and furious.  It is always exciting birding when it is like that, especially when trying to capture photos.  Just looking for ID confirmations


1.  Not sure on this bird.  My guess is Pine Warbler


2. Another Pine?


3.  This one has me confused with combination of white barring and streaks on the back.  Maybe another pine.


4. White throated Sparrow?  (pretty dull if so)


5. Another pine?


6.  Red-eyed Vireo?


7. Blue-Headed Vireo,  pretty sure of this one


8. Scarlet Tanager.  Not sure if female or juvie.


9.  Red-eyed Vireo, but I couldn't rule out Philadelphia as it had a yellow cast


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1. Tennessee Warbler (extensive yellow color and no wingbars)

2. Palm Warbler (yellow undertail coverts and no white wingbars)

3. Blackpoll Warbler (streaking on the back)

4. Swamp Sparrow (gray collar and rich brown shoulder)

5. Scarlet Tanager (extensive yellow color and thick beak)

6. Yes, Red-eyed Vireo

7. Yes, Blue-headed Vireo

8. Yes, Scarlet Tanager

9. Red-eyed Vireo (large beak and white throat)

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