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A few unknowns from Sacramento

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Was in the Sacramento CA NWR two days ago and saw this hawk (will I eventually get better at IDs?). Quite a few Red-Shouldered Hawks along with Red-Tailed and lots of Northern Harriers this trip. Also need help with the ID of the small finch maybe, next to the Red-Winged Blackbird. In the next shot, what are the sandpipers flying in and the final one I think are long-billed Dowitchers but how can you tell from short-billed, especially at a distance?


Thanks in advance.



DSCN4543 which sandpipers.JPG


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1: Yup, Red-shouldered Hawk. 

2: Looks like a female House Sparrow to me with that big pale bill and dark eye stripe. 

3: Probably Dowitchers yes,  but it’s gunna be tough to get them to species. I know I can’t. Your flight shots should help though if someone with more experience wants to weigh in.

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