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Questions about Spotted Owls

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In October I stayed at a house on the beach in the town of Gleneden Beach, OR, which is just south of Lincoln City. One night as I was trying to sleep I heard a strange sound outside. It was a slow, rising tone. I just assumed it was a person. Then it repeated and I realized it did not sound like a person: it was late at night in a quiet town and it sounded exactly the same as the first time. I realized it sounded like an owl, so I continued listening and heard it one more time. I threw open the window and started recording with my phone, but i never heard it again. The closest call I could find was a Spotted Owl call. It sounded quite similar to this:


The house we were staying at was in a very quiet, dark neighborhood with a good amount of trees, though definitely not SPOW habitat. Less than a mile away, the wooded mountains of the Coast Range begin, where eBird’s vague range maps indicate the owls are present. If you look up Gleneden Beach, OR on Google maps, you can get a pretty good idea of the surrounding forests.

I realize that since I couldn’t hear the calls very well, I couldn’t get a recording, and it happened a while ago so I may be remembering incorrectly, I won’t get any solid answers. But I do have a few questions. 

Are there any other owls that sound like this that I could have heard?

Do Spotted Owls ever make it into semi-urban areas or do they stay exclusively in deep forest?

Could/would a Spotted Owl have made it from the nearby forest into the neighborhood?

Is there even a remote possibility that what I heard was a Spotted Owl?

I know it’s highly unlikely and I probably was hearing something else, but I know what I heard sounded similar to the Spotted Owl call so I am just entertaining the idea and asking for some input. And even if it’s possible that I heard one, I am not going to say I did due to the uncertain circumstances. Sorry for the wordy post. Thanks for any input. 

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