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Shorebird or sparrow and uncertain ducks?

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Birding at Kern WLR in Southern CA yesterday and saw this bird down by the water. Coloring almost of a Fox sparrow. No idea what this is but I think there was a second bird like it nearby and I took a photograph of that one too.  The third is a group of resting ducks behind the little ruddy that I saw today at the Fresno Water Treatment Plant - some I think are canvasbacks as I saw a small flock of them in another pond but was wondering if there are goldeneye or maybe ring-necks in there too. Thoughts appreciated.

Also, saw an amazing sight there that I wanted to share. A young peregrine falcon tried to attach a good sized great blue heron while it was on the move. He moved off when it landed but as soon as the heron took off, it tried to attach again, then gave up.

DSCN4670 unknown.JPG


DSCN4723 maybe ring-neck.JPG

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