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In Austin this morning.

Did I somehow capture a juvenile/immature Tree Swallow here? Some of its remiges are not brown and the cheek line is incredibly sharp. It was among large numbers of banks, barns and caves.


And just for good measure, the lower bird here is indeed a Bank swallow, right? Not a Northern Rough-wing?


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15 hours ago, atxrvabyrd said:

Thanks, Lady Tiff. I was really kinda surprised they sat around like they did, too. (using my car as a blind helped, for sure.) I just wish I could have gotten a shot of bank facing me and not in profile. But I am grateful for the kind of shots I got. 


Keep an eye on those branches next year.  The Rough-Wingeds and Barns perch on a couple of 'No Trespassing' signs at a nearby pond a few times a week.  They've returned to these signs for the last few years.  They give me plenty of opportunities for decent shots from the 'car-blind' (well, as decent as I'm capable of capturing).

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Good tip, Charlie. Thanks. These snags are along ponds at a water treatment/solid waste management facility where that waste is developed into soil. Swallows, when they're massing tend to perch on electrical wires on one end (which they also did on this day). For some reason they decided to hang out along the causeway this morning--a behavior I only get to intercept maybe once or twice each fall.

Thanks as well, Tony!

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