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Two songs… (Southern New Jersey)

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1 hour ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I haven't birded the east coast in a year, so my songs are a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure the first song is a Carolina Wren

Either that or a Cardinal. 


55 minutes ago, floraphile said:

Hi, @KC in NJ.  I'm learning, too, so wait for somebody who knows what they are talking about, but could "New 6" be an Eastern Bluebird?

I agree. Not the usual teew-a-tewew, but same tone quality. 

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Hmm. . The Carolina Wren is a call I thought I knew, from my first post a few days ago, when that was the reply.  I did learn from the replies I got that the wren has large range of songs…  Geez—hard to tell what ISN'T a wren, then.

And Tufted Tit-mouse was the other song I thought I had down!  So, I don't know.  I will have to listen to more samples of it, I guess.


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I thought I had the Titmouse down, because I have heard the distinctive "peter-peter-peter" song.  These clips don't sound like that.

And now, listening to the samples at ibird , of both the Wren and the Titmouse, the examples are so varied it seems too difficult to identify them. Sigh.

...Thanks everyone for the replies. I will keep them all in mind, as I gather further samples to try to narrow it down.



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