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African vs. Eurasian Collared Dove

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Today I chased a group of "Eurasian Collared Doves" in Brantford, Ontario, and I was wondering if any pigeon experts (@Pigeon?) could help me with an ID. The original bird was reported as a Eurasian, but there was speculation about African or some domestic type, and then a group of 4 (and up to 5) were discovered nearby, which seems suspicious on its own (Eurasian is a good bird in Ontario as a natural vagrant, if you can call it that). I went today and saw 4, and decided for myself that they must be captive/escapees, they seemes reasonably tame, and the number of them seemed very suspicious, unless a nest had fledged nearby (which would be the first known succesful breeding attempt in Ontario, there has been other nesting attempts but I don't think the outcome was determined. The more I look at them and look through guides I confuse myself more, but my opinion is African/Ringed Turtle, not domestic Eurasian, but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help!



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Id go with African, based on the under tail color, flight color and the tameness of the birds...My experience with Eurasian(including owning them), is that they are much more flighty and do not tame down as much, even in captivity, while Africans become as tame as domestic pigeons.

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I have never seen an African but we get Eurasians and this doesn't quite fit. I think the dead giveaway is the white undertail coverts. Eurasian collared doves have grey ones.

This site shows pictures side by side:


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