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just a mallard?

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So, was a decent birding day today with lots and lots of ducks. Not as many as some of those places where people count thousands but, I saw hundreds and it's significantly more than I've seen all winter... Of course it was only in the teens today and was just bitterly cold with the wind chill... 
That's the best time to find ducks around here though.

Anyway...  I lumped this bird in with the mallards... probably 200 mallards at the lake(Siloam Springs, AR, today)
As I was observing and thinking about leaving to warm up... I kept hearing some weird squeaking. I don't think I got a recording of it... wish I did. It was very unusual to me. Was not a quack like I'm used to hearing from mallards.
Do female mallards ever squeak?  I probably need to listen to some more sound files.


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4 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Looks like a normal Mallard to me. Are you considering Mottled Duck or something? Not much else it could be.

Not really considering anything. The bill alone had me certain it was just a female mallard... that squeak it was making though... I just didn't know what to make of it. So, I had to ask somewhere. 🙂

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