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Mew Gull confirm

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Working on gulls this week. At Morro Strand Beach in central, coastal California yesterday afternoon. Collection of 250 gulls in two large groups including Western, California, Ring-Bill and this smaller gull (actually 3) that I think are Mew but I have not officially seen them before (the time when gulls were just gulls). Also a Royal tern that I have only seen once before so included that as the 4th photo. Bird is smaller, pale legs, and has a more delicate bill with no markings. Third photo - in front of and behind Western.

Thanks in advance.

DSCN4895 mew. check.JPG

DSCN4891 mew.JPG

DSCN4886 mew in foreground.JPG

DSCN4912 royal tern.JPG

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