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How many Ravens?

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Southern Ontario today.

I noticed a large flock, thirty plus, of Crows this morning which were very upset about something and I knew there were Ravens nearby, usually the instigators of a commotion.

At the time I just grabbed a couple of photos but now I am fairly sure there are Ravens, at least two, in the middle of the group photo.

Any advance on two?


American Crow flock Ravens HVT-7512823.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Agreed, shouldn't ravens stand out a lot more due to their larger size?

Size can be very deceiving in photos like this. Birds can appear larger when they are closer than other birds they are being compared to. In this photo, I can't tell which bird is closest or which is furthest away. In a two dimensional photo it's hard to determine if one bird is bigger than the other birds or if it just looks bigger because it's closer than the others. A crow can appear the same size as a raven that's further away, or the crow could even appear larger than the raven if the raven was far enough away from the closer crow. Size matters but it's hard to judge, probably more so in photos than in the field. 

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