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I have read that robins will gather in large flocks during the winter. Then when breeding season starts , they will break off and look for mates. That is why I think of spring when I start to see single robins or pairs. A look at a range map will show robins all year in the U.S. states. I'm not sure where I heard robins are a sign of spring, but I have heard this for as long as I can remember. I am 58 years old, so it has been quite a while.


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I’ve always considered robins as a sign of spring, though I suppose I’m on the cusp of the overwintering/breeding boundary. A handful do overwinter in the city, but only in a few select areas and probably no more than 20 or so. I won’t see any in my area until at least around March 26th. They’ll show up more and more after that and then travel around in flocks of over 100 for a couple weeks and then wind down to normal levels. Then come the beginning of September the massive flocks return for a few weeks and then they’re gone. 

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