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Golden-winged ish Warbler

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I saw this bird in Fairfield, CT yesterday morning. When I first got on it, I freaked out. But then I backed off a bit after a friend thought that the little bit of yellow on the breast means that it can't be a pure Golden-winged. 

I looked around eBird photos, and a report from one bander said that a little yellowish coloring on the breast and back isn't unusual for HY female Golden-winged. 

I'm wondering how reliable that statement that is, and what it means for this individual. 




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I have little experience with the Lawrence's side of the hybrid complex, but I think with any yellow on the breast, the bird must have BWWA genes, however they seem to be quite diluted in this one. Personally for my list, I have usually counted those slightly off birds, as long as it's not overly far towards LAWA or BRWA. I mean, there's lots of speculation that they're the same species with two morphs, and this could just be one on the spectrum. Up to you (and reviewers, I assume this is a decent bird there), too bad you couldn't get a feather or something!

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