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Sometimes I just want friends to see a bird I photographed, no rules.


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About 10-12 years ago I planned a birding photo trip to Costa Rica.  My old guide had retired so I needed to find a new one.  Enrico referred Carlos to me. Although he didn't Carlos personally, he had heard good things about the way he birded.  This young man could bird by ear!  This is really important in CR because in many places we could hear birds calling from a distance but but couldn't I.D. them from just the songs or calls they made.  Like usual, I sent Carlos a list of "must photograph" birds.  18 of them and my research showed me many would be hard to find.  By the end of the 10 day ordeal, hiking all over many different habitats we got all 18 birds and about 100 other birds new to my camera.  To find this Fan-tailed Warbler we drove miles to an abandoned coffee processing plant Carlos had been told about.  He had never been there.  After shooting several new birds I was so excited I could hardly hold my camera still.  We were all alone and the Howler Monkeys were pooping all over.  You see, often one does not see where these monkeys are until you hear the thud of their poops falling from way above to the forest floor.  Then, on the dark forest floor as I was dodging monkey rain I saw the bird.  You see, I'm very serious about birding and I about dropped dead.  This is the only photograph that I could get before it ran off into the extremely dense brush, a very shy bird.  The Fan-tailed Warbler.


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