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Sometimes I just want friends to see a bird I photographed, no rules.


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2 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I feel like you could increase the exposure (probably about 2/3 of a stop or so) here without blowing the whites and it could make the image a lot more visually appealing.  


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5 minutes ago, Snake Fingers said:

Looks like Red-tailed for the first photos, and a kind of gull for the last. Nice photos!

You are correct I was just being a wise cracker.  The gull I assume is an immature herring gull 

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13 minutes ago, blackburnian said:

Nice! I like this more than the Song Sparrow you posted in the other firm. 

Thanks! I was actually debating between the 2. This is the first phainopepla I’ve had that didn’t fly away the second it saw you. 

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A new backyard bird for me. White-winged Dove does not come up rare in the County where I live in NE Florida but this is the first one I have seen in my County in 4 1/2 years of living here. Nice it is in our own backyard. I have seen them further south in Florida.

It was acting a bit like a bully yesterday around the feeders. I hope that trend doesn't continue as we already have nesting Eastern Bluebirds in the backyard and migration season has begun. 


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