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Sometimes I just want friends to see a bird I photographed, no rules.


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I already shared a Great Egret pic to the "Share Your Best Photo Of The Day" thread, but feel like showing off this Ring-billed Gull, the best one I've taken of the species.  I had my good camera in my car while shopping after birding which afforded me to opportunity to capture this.  Any iPhone picture wouldn't have been worth posting:



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19 hours ago, BigOly said:

Brown hooded Kingfisher


Green and Ruphous Kingfisher


Amazon Kingfisher


American Pygmy Kingfisher


Malachite Kingfisher


Pied Kingfisher


Ringed Kingfisher


Green Kingfisher


WOW!!! That is a LOT of Kingfishers. I have a Belted Kingfisher and that is all.


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19 hours ago, BigOly said:

1150 photos of different birds but I lost about 250 because of a problem with a chip.  I've seen many birds but I don't count birds I haven't photographed.

Not counting ones you haven't photographed has to be heart breaking sometimes.

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On 2/26/2022 at 10:57 PM, IKLland said:

You actually saw a wrentit? I only hear them. I’ve only ever seen three of them! 

Yeah, she was pretty low down. I only saw her (she had just been making the female call, so I'm assuming female) for a few seconds, long enough to get those shots.

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