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Sometimes I just want friends to see a bird I photographed, no rules.


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1 hour ago, Birding Boy said:

I'm realizing I have quite a few shots I haven't uploaded yet...anyways here's my best shots ever of a Barred Owl! Spotted him from the car and managed to get a few shots off before he dove to the forest floor in search of his next meal.



Nice! Still looking for one around here.

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1 hour ago, dragon49 said:

Boat-tailed Grackle stealing turtle eggs.  A woman watching was literally crying as momma sat nearby guarding other eggs and was helpless against the thief.  I talked some people passing by out of scaring the bird away, as this is how nature is supposed to work.



Glad you stepped in to let nature take its course, however sad it may be. FYI, this is a crow

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39 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

Someone said it could be a nuttalli x oregon/pink-sided.

Nope. They don't breed anywhere close to one another...nuttalli and pink-sided that is.

Regardless, it's a really darn cool bird!

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