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NOT green-winged teal

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I was at city lake in Siloam Springs, AR on February 14th during the GBBC and thanks to that wonderful COLD stormy weather, there were a decent amount of ducks to watch. I had been there a while... I start at the main lot near the water's edge where you can see the bulk of the lake... Then I walk the field down towards the blind where you can see a smaller part of the lake but, often has more waterfowl, when they're present... Anyway... I often go back to where I started to see if anything changed over there. Sometimes there's more birds than were there... other times less...
So, I was back at that lot, ready to leave... I saw two ducks flying in. It was COLD and gloomy... I don't remember if I was looking through a rolled up window in the car or not...  but I remember seeing two green-winged teal flying down... No idea how/why...  After they landed and I looked at them again... they were mergansers. wow...

My first impression was red-breasted... the bills look(ed) REALLY thin to me. Then I took pictures and I noticed a white chin patch... which should suggest common.
The pictures are not good...  the bill still looks thin to me. I reported them as common and said I'd look at the pictures later... I guess no is later.  ha. 
I have two pictures that are just barely okay. I have others that are all weird angles that just don't show much... 
Opinions on these two birds? Common or red-breasted???
I wish I had better looks and photos... I wouldn't be struggling so much.
I could put up some other images but you wont see any more details in regards to those features... heads turned in awkward directions... just no good.



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16 minutes ago, Avery said:

Plus the strong border on the neck

Thanks for mentioning that. It's good to have another thing to look for... if I remember.

As I said, I reported it as common merganser because of the white chin...  I've seen some red-breasted pictures with a LITTLE white there... but not quite like a common.
Anyway... thanks for confirming everyone.

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