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5 hours ago, RobinHood said:

This could get confusing quickly.

I wonder if it is possible to blend the two threads @Aveschapines and maybe a more obvious title? Suggestions welcome. "Male With Female Photos" (or Female With Male Photos).

OK; I'm going to be honest here. The two threads do seem different to me, and I also feel like intervening in this is approaching micro-managing. I don't really see where confusion is going to be a problem... but someone can enlighten me if I'm missing something. Merging duplicate threads is very different from deciding that two different threads with different premises (pairs of birds vs highlighting sexual dimorphism in this case) should be made into a single thread. Meanwhile if the original posters want things merged I can do that, and they can also change thread titles. So for the moment I'm not going to do anything.

Edited by Aveschapines
I noticed the sentence fragment and I just couldn't leave it that way, even if it didn't really make anything unclear.
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