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Unusual white flanks on Ring-necked Duck

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20 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

Are you sure? It's certainly an immature and it's getting quite late in the season for first-cyclish Aythya to be still in formative plumage, but....

OK, I should have said female/immature.

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Just trying to learn here. Perhaps I should have included this photo.  From the photo it doesn't look like it is just a case of wind ruffling the feathers.  I'm not familia with immature RNDU, but my sense from the comments that this is an immature female, but the flank color seems like what Cornell's Birds of the World describe as "flanks pale silver gray to pale buffy brown" for juvenile plumage.  What are the characteristics of formative plumage for female RNDU's.   I'm assuming the the red eye color is only present in immatures, something I haven't seen referenced before.  Thanks for the discussion.483566739_RNDU2021-02-23_11-11-03.thumb.jpg.59dd0cd3c9c6a00874a492ac710256c4.jpg

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