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Juvenile RTH? Confirmation

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Taken Feb.23, 2021 outside of St. Louis, MO. I saw this hawk fly low over a bicycle rider's head. Good sized but didn't get a shot off. Would have been neat to get the rider and bird in the same frame. Anyway it quickly came back and perched by the path for a bit and then flew off. My first thought was RSH. Then looking at the pics on the computer I decided it was a juvenile. I briefly thought of smaller hawks but looking at the 2 blurry pictures of it in flight it looks like it has patagials but no belly band. So I am now guessing juvenile red tail hawk. 


David R



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I think it’s a immature Red-shouldered Hawk, with thick streaking extending all the way up to its throat, bulky appearance, and pretty finely banded, short tail.

Ah, yes. I didn't even consider that... I agree with Red-shouldered. I thought it looked off for Cooper's Hawk.

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