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A few IDs from Today, Sacramento, California

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I have a few ID's from today that I would like to make sure are correct. 

Bird one. 

Is this what a Cinnamon Teal looks like in flight when viewed from below?


Bird two. 

Cinnamon Teal and not Blue-winged Teal.



Bird Three.

Cinnamon Teal and not Blue-winged Teal.



Bird Four.

Cinnamon Teal and not Blue-winged Teal.





Bird Five.

Herring Gull



Bird Six



Thanks for the help!

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22 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Go with Scaup. :classic_tongue:

Not a scaup. A female-plumaged scaup would have a white belly contrasting with a dark breast and dark trailing edge to the wing.

I think this bird seems fine for CITE. The lighting in the image is throwing things off a bit, but the structure, head, and underwing pattern seem fine for CITE. I think th dark line making the bird look “hooded” is the shadow from its own head. 

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1 -- Green-winged Teal (wing pattern, wing pattern, wing pattern)

2 -- Blue-winged (note large amount of white between eye and bill and extensive eyeline)

3 -- Cinnamon (note lack of white between eye and bill and nearly non-existent eyeline)

4 -- Why not hybrid? The bird seems to have characters from both, and the bill is certainly nowhere near the long end of CITE bill length. (Note that there is extensive overlap between the two species in bill length.)

5 -- I'm not convinced of Herring, as the wings look narrow and the bill is fine. I will admit that the outer primaries do not look pointed, so argue for a bird older than first cycle, which leans things toward Herring.

6 -- Gadwall (distinctive wing pattern)

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1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

1 -- Green-winged Teal (wing pattern, wing pattern, wing pattern)

I ALMOST wrote that I think it could be a GWTE, but second guessed myself because the belly didn't look light enough. Thnx Tony.

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2 hours ago, Aidan B said:

How would I report the fourth bird on ebird? I don't know the field marks of this hybrid and my regional reviewer is very careful in accepting hybrids.

Blue-winged/Cinnamon Teal is an option I believe. Which you should use for any bird you are unsure of.

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