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I need some help with a bird that flew away before I could get a picture.  Here are the observations:

1) Feb 24, 2021 10:30AM near Wilmington NC

2) There were around 50 birds on the ground, at the feeders, and in the trees.  Red-winged Blackbird and White-breasted Nuthatch were making a big racket.

3) All of a sudden the noise stopped and all the birds disappeared

4) I immediately started looking in the trees (I've had a number of hawks sit in a tree, licking their chops)

5) A strange bird appeared in a tree:

    a) About the size of a Northern Flicker

    b) Nondescript coloring (whiteish)

    b) Sitting with a posture like a Mourning Dove (not sitting up like a hawk)

    c) When it flew away there were three parallel bars on the underside of the wings.

6) It took about 5 minutes before the songbirds began returning.

Thanks in advance,


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7 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Hawks can perch horizontally, especially right after they have landed.  What color were the parallel bars on the wings and in which direction did they run?

Black/dark gray running leading edge to trailing edge.  They were separated by the width of the bar (e.g., 1 inch).

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