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Gull-like bird completely white underside and solid black tail

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No offense - this description is pretty vague. We’ll need more information (Good photos are ideal - without them it’s really just a guessing game.)

What habitat was it in? Is it a coastal location or inland? How large was the bird (Robin sized? Crow sized? Eagle sized?)? What family of birds was it in (for example, heron/egret, gulls, raptors)? If you don’t know the family or general group of birds it was in, we’ll need some description of shape - long legs? Long neck? Large bill? Etc.

One suggestion based on your description - keep in mind that I have almost no information to work with - perhaps immature Northern Gannet?

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Both of those match the description that I gave.  I've seen a bunch of Herring Gulls and I think that they are much more bulky than what I saw.  I will not take credit for seeing anything and I will keep my eyes open and try to get a shot in the future.



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