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Female vs. Immature male Hooded Mergansers

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25 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL

Good morning, All.  I am trying to do better about putting in Breeding Codes, etc., when I am able to discern such.  This morning, I found 8 Hooded Mergansers.  Two are definitely adult males,  and the others either females or a mix of immature males & females.  Is it possible to sex these remaining 6 birds?  If so, how?


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1 minute ago, Aidan B said:

Eye color can tell you. Males have yellow eyes and females have brown eyes.

Photo one, both immature males

Photo two, immature male on the left, female on the right

Photo three, Unidentifiable on the far left, female on the left. 


I hope I got them right!


1 minute ago, PaulK said:

There was a really good discussion here: 


Thanks, @PaulK!  I forgot to look for previous discussion on the subject. 

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2 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

First off, breeding codes are to be used ONLY on breeding grounds and ONLY during the breeding season. February is NOT the breeding season for HOME anywhere.

I should not have used the term. "Breeding Code"  as pertains to this specific instance.  My desire was to further describe the birds as far as gender.   Please note the "etc." in my original post.  And I thought I caught a lot of h*ll in graduate school.

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