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25 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public boat launch at point where small bay opens into Mobile Bay;  rough water;  mostly large gravel parking lot and small grove of pines; fairly inhospitable place

Just caught a glimpse of this bird.  About the size of a crow or larger woodpecker.  I thought it was a woodpecker at first, before I saw the color combination.

Feature that stood out:

1.  Rufous on the chest or belly with lighter coloring under tail

2.  Flashed white wing bars--I think on the upper side, rather than underside as I drew it

3.  Either a shallow forked or notched tail

4.  Flashed rufous or red on the upper surface of the wings near their insertion on the should girdle

5.  Bill discernable

6.  Flew in straight bursts like it was shot from a cannon, and rolled a bit so I could see both upper & lower aspects

Female Belted Kingfisher is the best I could come up with, but the bird did not act like a Belted Kingfisher--no chittering, and it was really high in the pines--and I think I saw rufous or red on the shoulders in addition to the underside.  There was no discernable barring or streaking on the underside, so I don't think it was a female Red-winged Blackbird.

Rudimentary drawing using my granddaughter's color crayons:  


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This is very unlikely but I'd be wondering if it was a flicker, and with the rolling you might have been seeing that white rump patch as the lighter under the tail. I think kingfisher is more likely, but the way you're describing the flying makes me think flicker.

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