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heard today in central nc

unusual for this area, but not unheard of. last year at this exact spot there was a virgina rail spotted (but mostly heard). and today i think i heard it again. unfortunately its a heavily used park trail so i didnt get a good recording cause passersby quieted the bird up.  ive tried to clean/amplify/compress this as best i can so hopefully yall can hear it.  its grunting throughout, most evidently at the 3.5 sec mark, then starting at 8sec, then again at the very end.  can you confirm virgina rail?



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ive edited the the sound file even more. low pass filter, deleted some loud spikes, etc... time frames are still about right @3 sec you can hear a couple grunts, then again starting at about 7 sec. also at about 7.5 sec and 9.5 sec is the other sound it was making ... a longer grunt, kind of like a muted-washboard sound


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