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27 Feb 2021 Mobile co. AL

Public lake & park

1.  Palm Warbler


2.  Orange-crowned Warbler--wasn't sure about that eye stripe


Industrial ponds/mudflats

1.  ?Willet (center) & 2 Greater Yellowlegs


2.  All ?Greater Yellowlegs except for ?Dowitcher sp. in center


3.  Green-winged Teal, ?Least Sandpipers & who is the fellow tipping up?


4.  ?Greater Yellowlegs


5.  Which duck?


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45 minutes ago, floraphile said:

2.  Orange-crowned Warbler--wasn't sure about that eye stripe

It has strongly contrasting under-tail coverts and tail spots, the latter of which rules out OCWA.


45 minutes ago, floraphile said:

1.  ?Willet (center)

It has thinnish yellow legs and a relatively thin bill -- Greater Yellowlegs.


45 minutes ago, floraphile said:

Green-winged Teal

The prototypical groveling-in-the-mud duck.

45 minutes ago, floraphile said:

5.  Which duck?

Readily ID'ed by the pale triangle below the tail as a Green-winged Teal.

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