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All taken in Feb. in Mobile or Baldwin co. AL in public parks with lakes or brackish marsh

1.  ?Swamp Sparrow


2.  ?Song Sparrow


3.  ?Song Sparrow


4.  ???.  Why the short tail--molting?


5.  ?All Chipping.  This was a group of a dozen or so that was feeding on bread ? left by some well-intended persons.  




6.  ?Song Sparrow


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1. Looks good for a Swamp Sparrow to me

2. Song Sparrow

3. Either Song or Swamp. I am thinking Swamp Sparrow

4. I think it is a Swamp Sparrow. I dunno why it has a short tail though

5. Chipping Sparrow

6. Chipping Sparrow

7. Chipping Sparrow

8. Song Sparrow

We can see what the experts think about this one. I did one for all of the pictures, top picture through the bottom picture.

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