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Very Dark Sparrow in Florida?

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This bird literally perched in front of me this morning defying me to not film it out on the mid-south Florida marsh. It struck me immediately as odd as it was nearly all dark and the environmental light was good, fair and even so these untouched video frame captures are pretty accurate. I've filmed song sparrows, savannah sparrows and such etc. in Florida and North Carolina. Odd that the dark brown streaks come up from a nearly black or extreme dark brown solid belly and undertail area. I'm sure the experts here will nail it right away. Its song was nothing spectacular, but not like a song or savannah.

Thanks in Advance







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Ouch, Thanks! I had know idea they could be that small and I was so close, I see RWB males singing a lot, this was a lonely bird, but in a feeble defense I note that under Song Sparrow and savannah sparrow  allaboutbirds doesn't cross reference female RWB as similar, but under RWB they cross reference song sparrow as being similar. 😉

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