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Taken on 2-26-2021 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas (Los Angeles County), CA.

This is the only photo I have of it, and I don't think I saw any other birds like it that day -- unless it's some bird carrying a stick.


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1 minute ago, Birding Boy said:

I thought the tail was a beak at first, making it a snipe ?

OMG!!! I never would have know if you hadn’t said that! ? ?! I’m just staring at it like, how are they seeing swallow... I have no clue what I am looking at...

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The sun had just set.  Here are the two photos immediately following -- which are of the same bird.  It looks like it has a dark chin/throat, but lighting....

And then 3 other photos that were taken of other birds before and after -- which are Violet Green.

Violet-Green is a first for me.







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22 minutes ago, Jefferson Shank said:

Are you sure they are the same? Those look like they could be an immature. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/20917171

Jefferson, I think they are the same bird, but possibly not.  The 5 shots I have before the original photo I posted were over water.  Then the 3 shots in sequence.  It would be odd that I would have just a single shot of a swallow in flight.  Unfortunately my camera only records the time to the minute, not the second.

Here are a couple shots taken in the following minute:



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