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SE PA. Looked more or less like a Herring gull to me, but I'm not terribly experienced with gulls, and it stood out in the crowd as being significantly paler overall and underwing and noticeably smaller than the other Herring gulls. Included are a farther out shot to show scale to other Herring gulls, and then some closer pictures.




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10 hours ago, Aidan B said:

Why is this Herring and not Thayer's? Not disagreeing with the ID but just trying to understand. 

think it’s the large head.

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I'm going to bump this again, the P10 on the underside of the opposite wing is clearly pale, and the size fits Thayer's well. The bird also appears very dove like. I'm confused why this is a Herring. 

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FWIW, I think the angle makes the bill appear deceptively small/short. I would probably lean Herring because of the bill, but it's not necessarily a straightforward bird.

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