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South Arizona Sparrow?

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1 hour ago, Metaquatic said:

I don't know if people are truly offended or just joking.  It was not my intention to offend.  If I did, then please explain your rational and I will consider changing my language.  


No, not truly offended! Just a joke. Sorry I was tired.

But I do think sparrows deserve more respect than being written off as little brown birds!

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I will try to show more respect.  Someone once told me Sparrows were "Wintertime Warblers."  Since that time I have gone out of my way to attend workshops, observe, and collect photographs to try to be better at my  identification.  I have gotten pretty good in the Southeast.  But considering the vast possibilities of sub species, females, juveniles, and non breeding plumage, the term LBB is more an expression of frustration than science.  I appreciate the help.  BTW - this Brewer's Sparrow was a Life Bird for me.

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2 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

rationale (noun; accent on last syllable) not rational (adjective; accent on first syllable)

Brewer’s Sparrows are generally straightforward, as they are so tiny, dull-colored with no strong pattern, and really long-tailed.

I'm pretty sure Meta was asking why AlexHenry would have been offended, not why the bird was ID'ed as a Brewer's.

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