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Raptor Silhouette

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Hi all!

My best guess is Peregrine Falcon, but I have little experience with them, soo..

He was hunting bats from the Waugh Bridge Bat colony as they emerged; Is there any way to say for sure its not a Merlin or something else?


Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Tx.





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Structure rules Merlin out, and may rule Prairie out, though it's not a species I see often so I'll defer to others on that one. Either way, it's almost certainly a Peregrine given the location.

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Prairie Falcons are not known to hunt bats at dusk in the same way Peregrines are. I don’t think anyone would put up much of a fuss if you called this a PEFA.

Flight style can help differentiate the two. I’ve always found that PEFA wingbeats are more “snappy” when compared to PRFA as well. 

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13 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

Also this is pretty subjective and probably best judged in the field but Prairie Falcons appear to have more rounded wing tips than other falcons

Don't I remember reading in The Sword in the Stone that the outermost primary in a Peregrine's spread wing projects farther than the others?  Anyway, it seems to be true of the pictures in Sibley, but not of the other North American falcons, and it seems to be true of this bird in the third photo.

If you can't trust T. H. White's description of a griffin, what can you trust?

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