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Swan - Tundra or Trumpeter

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Per eBird reports, both swans have been seen in the area I went birding - Heber City (40 mins from Salt Lake City) Utah, about 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, they were really really far away, so I can't for sure see the yellow coloring on the bill to help.  What do you guys think?  These are two different sets of swans, but from the same day and area, along with other Mute Swans too - IT WAS THE BEST DAY!!!IMG_6070.thumb.JPG.d857b6baaeae12b075021ba8bcb85975.JPGIMG_6044.thumb.JPG.0c2caa7b8f81c20c49085b6f73c15b83.JPG

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As someone who lives in the midwest and sees both swans fairly often, my impression is Tundra for the birds in the first image. Size differences can be hard to judge, particularly because telephoto lenses tend to 'flatten' large distances, making it hard to compare sizes. That said, the rightmost dark-billed swan is clearly smaller than the Mute, and the way it's holding its short neck is classic Tundra IMO.

I think the second photo is Tundra as well, but it's a little unclear.

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