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10 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay and saltwater/brackish marsh

The 3 ducks were together in a group

1 & 2.  Lesser Scaup--


2. 1876021254_6K7A9232-Copyed.jpg.686f2996c2249083d67bd02c9df7e33f.jpg

3.  ?Female Redhead


4.  ?Northern Harrier--the head shape looked more like an Osprey, but the color distribution  on head & body looked (to me) more like Harrier.


5.  ??--in tree with female Red-wing Blackbirds, but not associating with them.  They were all looking at this bird.  It never turned its head.


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1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:


Northern Harrier (possibly a juv male, but the subject is too out-of-focus to be certain)

Don’t know, but why not an American Robin? The underparts give a suggestion of reddishness.

I see the eyering now and the breast--I agree with American Robin.

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