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African Collared-Dove

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9 hours ago, Pigeon said:

Personal experience, having had both in lofts of mine, the "wild" colored Africans were always a noticeably darker shade than the Eurasians. Unless, of course, the Africans were a mutated color. 

This made me curious and I looked them up - All About Birds says the opposite, that Eurasians tend to be darker in color than Africans. I'm interested in your thoughts. I've never had any experience with Africans (that I know of) but Eurasians are common as pet birds here and have appeared living wild in recent years; I have seen a good deal of variation in the color of the domesticated ones for sure. 


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My wild types all looked more like this one...wikiwand.com/en/Ring-necked_dove. They do, however, come in a myriad of mutations. My Eurasians all a lighter shade and the sun appeared to mottle their coloration more so than the Africans. 

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