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A very confusing Scaup, Yolo, California.

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I was out  birding at the woodland WTP yesterday, and I found a very confusing scaup in a group of four scaup composed of the confusing scaup, two Lesser Scaup, and one Greater Scaup. I can not seem to put it to species in spite of lots of photos that show comparisons between the two species and this bird . The nail on this scaup is slightly larger than that of the lesser, but much smaller than that of the greater. the head shape on this scaup is all greater, and the sides are very clean. When faced head on, this scaup appears more puffy cheeked than the Lesser Scaup. the head also shows a very glossy green color. The back on this scaup is also dirtier than the back of the Greater Scaup. It also appears larger than the Lesser Scaup. What is this?





In this photo the confusing scaup is on the left



In this last photo is showing all four scaup, the confusing one is on the right. 




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