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Cormorants - Brandt or Pelagic

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Greetings from the great Pac Northwet!

Reports of Brandt's Cormorants, and maybe I've spied them, but none are showing the gular coloring at all, and at great distance it is hard to discern. Brandt's would be a new bird for me, so I'd like to check to confirm with others who know better. ? Taken in the last 24 hours in locations as indicated.

First photo is in Astoria under the Megler Bridge. I'm leaning toward Brandt's.

Second is from the Hammond Marina. Pelagic?

Thank you!


2021 03 20 Astoria River Walk (18).JPG

2021 03 21 (56).JPG

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Thank you!

I think I can just see the light coloring on the neck of the first one, which is one reason I was leaning toward Brandt's. Much appreciated to both of you. I'm hoping for some better light in the next couple of days to get better shots and looks.

Now if I could just figure out all of the gulls.....? though that's going to take way more work and time.

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Thank you! TBH the feathers were throwing me off a bit because I just could not find any sketches or photos of any of the cormorants with that amount of feathered finery.

The sun came out this afternoon, though the wind was wicked cold, I managed to get a few more shots. They seem to be roosting the same spot. It's still a long shot even with my pretty decent camera, but I was happy to get some of the blue gular coloring too.

I've gotten was here over a decade ago, before I started birding, so as typical it was a big regret to have been in such a bird rich place without actually seeing birds. LOL. I've gotten 9 life birds in 48 hours, 52 species, and my life bird count is at 499, so I'm anxious to see what bird ends up as 500!

Pacific Wrens and Golden-crowned Sparrows are listed at almost every place we've been, but I've not seen or heard any.



2021 03 22 Brandts Cormorant Megler Bridge Astoria OR (2).JPG

2021 03 22 Brandts Cormorant Megler Bridge Astoria OR (3).JPG

2021 03 22 Brandts Cormorant Megler Bridge Astoria OR (5).JPG

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