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11 hours ago, lonesome55dove said:

The photo was taken in Washington State, Klickitat County. The moth was on the stem of a Bachelor's Button plant, if I remember corectly. After, looking around a little bit this looks like a Mottled Grass-veneer Moth, if that is right, then the fuzzy stuff is part of the moth. ?

Very cool moth! Cool you figured out the id too! Bug photography is amazing. The details the camera picks up you would never see with the naked eye is so cool!

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Melissa Blue-Colorado Love the butterflies in the Blue family. They are tiny butterfly that don't reveal their beauty unless you look close. There are several species in this family that are not always easy to tell apart. During my time in Colorado I had the pleasure of seeing and photographing many of the species there. Florida also has a few and I believe I have and photographed all of the ones Florida has to offer.

048 (3).JPG

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20 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

Cool-looking one! The only Swallowtails I’ve photographed are Black and Pipevine.

It is a cool butterfly. I have photographed I believe 10 different species in the swallowtail family from Colorado and Florida.

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