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***Please note*** If you are hoping for help with an id on a bug or butterfly it is helpful to include location location location. Just like birds and maybe even more location can be helpful and even necessary. Also we do not seem to have a true bug expert here so ids may not be forth coming. Thank you that is all.  

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1 hour ago, IKLland said:

anyone know what type of dragonfly?



That's a damselfly, not a dragonfly.  (Those are the two main suborders in the order Odonata.)  Damselflies are usually smaller and thinner and have heads like hammerhead sharks, and most of them hold their wings together when at rest.  In the U.S. and Canada, most of the ones that hold their abdomens below their wings are dancers, genus Argia.  I'm liking yours for a male Vivid Dancer, with the bright blue color, small black spots in addition to black rings on the abdomen, and unmarked light blue abdomen tip.

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White Peacock-I think this maybe the most abundant Butterfly in Florida. I certainly do see a lot of them. Which is okay by me as they are a good looking butterfly but you may need your binoculars to really appreciate them. As they flutter by they often just appear white. They aren't a tiny butterfly like the Blues more a medium sized like a Monarch.

064 (3).JPG

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8 hours ago, Jerry Friedman said:

Sure looked like it, though.  Another reason it wouldn't be Common Sanddragon is that they have cream-colored cerci and your dragonfly has dark ones.

What’s a cerci? ?

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