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This is one of the largest orb weavers that I have ever seen. It's body was about the size of a nickel with the legs covering an area about the size of loonie, the Canadian dollar coin. I would have preferred a better angle of view, but I wasn't going to get on the other side of the web to do it, there were too many other webs around for that.


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10 hours ago, meghann said:

And then some spiders, even though they're not bugs:

New orb weaver tiny green spider the weaver devil spider2 Spider spider

And a risque shot of mating!

mating golden orb weavers


Cool! The last photo where you indicate the Golden Silk Orb Weaver is mating answers a question for me I have had for some time. I always wonder what the little spider in the big spiders web was. Was it a baby or a different spider species taking advantage of the huge web...Of course, this question always occurs out in the field and by the time I get home other things come up, I forget about the ? ...and I never got around to looking up the answer. Mystery solved thank you!


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